Paraglide Adventure Irl is the oldest established
paragliding school and currently the only full time training facility in the country. This means that we are available to teach whenever the wind and weather are suitable and not just on weekends.

Our chief flying instructor is Fred Lahiff whose credentials speak for themselves. Fred is an accredited IHPA instructor with over 26 years
experience with foot launched aircraft i.e. hang gliders and paragliders
and has been teaching people to fly for the past 16 years.

He was the recipient of a Delta Silver C badge number 18 in the world for hang gliding, which was awarded to him on behalf of the Federation Aeronautique International by the Irish Aviation Council. He has represented Ireland in many flying competitions at home and abroad and has set many cross-country records for paragliding in Ireland. Past pupils of his have also gone on to set new xc records. The current Irish record for the longest flight on a paraglider is held by Enda Murphy with a distance of 140km.

If you are thinking of enrolling on one of our courses what could be more reassuring than to know that most of the pilots who regularly fly today all started their flying careers under the ever watchful eye of this man.

In the same way as no driving school can give its students a licence to drive no paragliding school can issue its students with a licence or rating to fly, as this would represent a conflict of interests and be open to abuse. Every country in the world has a governing body for the sport of paragliding and only they in their own jurisdiction can issue students with their appropriate rating.In Ireland the governing body is The Irish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association see www.ihpa.ie and in the UK it is the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.see www.bhpa.uk

Every paragliding school in Ireland and the UK that is accredited and interested in insuring that all its students can gain an internationally recognised rating which will enable them to fly anywhere in the world is listed on either of these web sites.

As the IHPA have adopted the Para Pro system for rating pilots all our training courses fully cover the various tasks, flights and airmanship requirements which will enable any student who wishes too, to gain a proficiency rating.

In essence this means that we can take you from your first short low flights to higher gliding flights and on to soaring flight.