DHV1 For beginner pilot
DHV 1-2 For intermediate pilot
DHV 2 For experienced pilot
DHV 2-3 For very experienced pilot
Dual Paragliders For tandem flying

The most important thing when buying your first paraglider is to ask advice. The sheer number and range of gliders for sale can only be bewildering to the first time buyer. People come in all shapes and sizes, some are naturally coordinated, some are not.

Your instructor is in a unique position to offer you advice as to which type of glider best suits you.

We at Paraglide Adventure Irl. are the Irish dealers for a number of long established paragliding manufacturers ( Independence, Skywalk & Windtech). We only sell new paragliders as in the long run they provide the best value for money.

A second hand Paraglider may be cheaper, but when you take into consideration depreciation, and re-sale value, what appeared at first glance to be a bargain, may not turn out to be so. We offer a good discount on new equipment to those students who have paid for a full qualification course.

We advise all students to purchase a DHV 1 rated glider as a first buy. This type of glider is designed for the first time buyer as it has gentle and reassuringly safe flying characteristics. It is also the type of glider that has a good re-sale value and you should be able to sell it on to someone in your position a season or two down the line.

If you have purchased a new glider from us we will be happy to help you sell it on second-hand provided you have kept it in good condition.