Here in Ireland we are in the enviable position of probably having more hills and mountains that we can fly from, than we have pilots who fly. However, as you will learn, not every mountain is suitable to fly from.

This is due to a number of factors such as location and accessibility, the proximity of other mountains and the shape of the mountain itself. When you are learning to paraglide, the number one factor that dictates whether a flying site is suitable for you is the size of the landing area.

Until you acquire the skill to enable you to judge your approach, and more or less land where you want to, you can only fly from sites with big open landing areas, free from obstructions.

A big landing area will allow you to make the usual mis-judgments such as under or over shooting your required landing spot with no serious consequences. At Paraglide Adventure Irl we use two main training sites in the Wicklow mountains which provide big landing areas.

SITE A :::

Site A is Black Hill (commonly known as Lacken) and is located on the east side of Blessington reservoir above the village of Lacken.

SITE B :::

Site B is Lough Bray and is located at the lower of the two corrie lakes at the top of the Glencree valley at the back of Kippure mountain. All students should familiarize themselves with the location of these two flying sites as most of your initial training will be based there.